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Piaffe Whippets

Our Puppy Policy and Questionnaire

Piaffe Kennels breed occasionally and only breed from the highest quality stock looking for excellent outcomes in type, body construction and temperament.  Our dogs are primarily loved family members as well as show champions.  When we do breed we are very careful about who we sell our puppies to and we will only let a puppy go if we are sure that it is the best possible home for our puppy. We have a lovely circle of Piaffe whippet owners, many of whom have stayed in contact.

The Questionnaire below has been created in order to help both you and ourselves determine firstly, whether a whippet is the best breed for you and secondly, which puppy or older dog would suit you best. It is a way for us to get to know you better. All information will remain confidential.  Please add any other information that you feel may be relevant.  Please type in the answers using as much space as you need and when complete click the submit button. Alternatively there is a printable download available below... it can be faxed to 07 3374 0811, scan and email to ulla@leatherwoodlodge.com or posted to 49 Leatherwood Place Brookfield 4069.  If you have any questions feel free to give me a call.


1. All our puppies are sold on the basis of being a companion dog but in certain cases may be shown.  Talk to Ulla about this.  Your dog will be registered as a pure bred dog with the Australian National Kennel Club and the Canine Control Council of Qld Ltd (“CCCQ Ltd”) now known as Dogs Queensland.  You will receive your Certificate of Registration and Pedigree papers at the time you collect your puppy or they will be sent to you soon afterwards depending on the timing of their issue.

2. We recommend that any pet puppies sold by Piaffe Kennels attend puppy preschool and upon completion, obedience classes should be undertaken.  This is not only crucial for the puppy to obtain appropriate training and socialization skills but also for you, the owner, to obtain useful knowledge to assist you in raising your puppy to be a well mannered and socialised adult.  

3. We recommend that you give your whippet social experiences out walking and at shopping centers and coffee shops to expose him or her to a range of experiences. Lure coursing happens at Kuraby every month and is great fun for whippets and families. Puppy runs are from six months onwards and full runs from nine months onwards. Just do a Google search under Qld Lure Coursing Association for more information. The Sighthound Club of Qld also conducts lure coursing days at the Dog Show facility at Durack.

4. Our less than show quality puppies currently sell for $1950. They are vaccinated and microchipped and have pedigreed papers.

6. Once evaluations have been made to ascertain show dogs from pet dogs we will invite you out to see the puppies and look at the puppies that are available for selection.  Or it may be just one!

7. Once your puppy has been allocated to you are invited to return to take your puppy home, or we can arrange transport of the puppy to you at your own cost. We would assist you in arranging this and generally use Dogtainers for any flights. The hire of a crate can be arranged.

8. If for any reason you can no longer keep your whippet, please advise us, and we will take the puppy or adult whippet back with a view to rehoming the whippet in a carefully screened home.

Thank you for taking the time to complete this questionnaire.  We hope you understand the importance of our seeking this information.  Our objective is to ensure firstly,  that our whippets have a happy and healthy life and are well suited to their new home and secondly, that you have the best experience in adding this special breed of hound to your family.

Warm wishes,

Ulla, Harold and Andrew
Piaffe Whippets
Telephone: (07) 3374 4122 or 0488 742 333

My interest in a new puppy will be as -

Pet / companion
Lure coursing

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Puppy Questionnaire

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