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We have given a high priority to maintaining good conformation and soundness in movement with particular emphasis on a correct underline complemented by a topline showing a correct rise over the loin, maintained not only on the stack but on the move. Such construction coupled with a racing front supports the double suspension movement characteristic of the breed. Flat tops are not a breed characteristic.

We share the concern of many whippet breeders and judges about the question of size, looking to breed down in size with our male whippets.

Our Past Whippets

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We have been selectively and thoughtfully breeding whippets for nearly 10 years. As a boutique kennel this has mainly been for our own showing and breed interest needs.

Like any conscientious breeder we have our ideal whippet in our mind’s eye and strive to achieve this in reality. We believe that we are heading in the right direction and try to be most critical of our own dogs.

Our bloodlines have originated with the Molly Rule-Steele Taejaan lines interwoven with the New Zealand Noholme lines. In partnership with Molly we also imported two dogs from the USA, namely Am and Aust Ch Countrywinds Whoze Ever and Aust Ch Chelsea Let Your Light Shine.

The use of these lines has we believe introduced beauty with darker pigmentation and colour variety.

Lyra and Ulla Lyra

Photo by Trafford

Photo by Trafford